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Boundless Peake assists with linking underserved children, and young adults with professional tutoring and career coaching. Tutoring will cover core subject areas such as English, Algebra, Economics, Physics, Biology, and standardized testing (e.g. SAT, ACT).

Career coaching challenges an individual to tap into their strengths, and identify the steps necessary to grow professionally. In addition, coaching is known to be an objective resource to act as a sounding board for ideas and challenges with the support acting as a trusted advisor. Our platform will provide such a resource to those in need once demonstrating inability to pay.

Professional Training

Whether mid-career, just starting out, or looking to change careers, our subject matter experts can help guide you in becoming a more valuable asset in the workplace by cultivating your professional skills.

New Job Preparation

Make a great first impression. Create a continuing legacy. We will work with you to prepare your for your first day.

Career Coaching

Our coaches serve as mentors who are fully vetted, and certified to help you achieve your most ambitious career goals.

Career Identification

We will work with you to evaluate yourself, your options, and provide you with different frameworks with which to identify the best career path for you.

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Often newly minted college graduates apply to positions without fully knowing what the job entails on a day-to-day basis. What is listed in a written job description is not reflective of what the person would actually do.

Professional support that provides such guidance is traditionally given to those with established contacts or mentors within that particular industry. Boundless Peake career coaches will bridge that gap to those who cannot afford such service, but would greatly benefit from such guidance